Friday, May 30, 2014

My Ever Growing Pattern Collection

I just keep getting more and more patterns, it's like a terrible addiction that can't be quelled yet somehow I never manage to get any actual sewing done.  I'm hoping to remedy that at least a little today.  I have been off from work sick for all but one day this week.  I somehow managed to get an infection in the lining of my heart (boy was that painful) and was on strict bed rest for days and now I'm back to moving about, I just can't over exert myself so perhaps I will get some sewing done today, finally!
The newest patterns that have been added to my collection are:

If you want to check out the rest of my patterns go to the pattern gallery link on the right or click HERE!

I'll try to start writing more often because I really want to make this a summer of sewing.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Project 001 - Slow Start

To say that it has been a slow start is an understatement.  I have so many hours that I could be spending sewing and instead I am wandering around the internet like the rest of the mentally stuck world, but no more.  I am back on track as of today.
I have so far only gotten to cut out one pattern and here it is:
The background is the material that I am using.  It will be the bottom left view with the short sleeves added.  I thought I should start with something simple like this just to get myself going.  I'm feeling awfully stepford today so I think that I'll sew the day away while making dinner so that it is ready for when the hubby gets home.  I love to make him smile.